We have a wide range of group sessions planned for this year and these will return when face to face contact becomes possible again. 

For more details on our Group sessions please check out our social media pages or contact us for more details! 



Therapists within our team founded and still run the Chatterjacks Listening, Language and Communication groups available to all preschool children to help them develop into confident communicators. We have extended our group sessions for Spring 2022. Please contact us for more details and to book your place.

Spring Sessions

We continue our popular group sessions for Spring 2022 and all will be designed and run by a speech and language therapist and / or practitioner to support your child's communication development and confidence.

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Chatterjacks Sessions:

Monday afternoon from 1-2pm and Friday morning from 10-11am

Sessions start back Friday the 14th of January 2022! 

Perfect for those little people needing support to focus, get the best from play and build those first words through to language combinations. Cost: £10 a session. Please book via the clinic.

Social Super Star Sessions:

Returns for February Half Term! Dates TBC

Ideal for those children needing practise at building and maintaining relationships with peers through collaborative games and fun filled activities. Cost: £10 a session or £40 for the week. Please book via the clinic.

Chatterjacks Sensory Sessions:

Returns February Half Term! Dates TBC

A relaxed session to build sensory experiences with plenty of opportunity to develop cause and effect play, sensory experiences and lots of language fun! Sessions cost £8. Please book via the clinic.