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School Kids

Welcome Educational Settings!
Did you know that 96% of primary schools surveyed were concerned about their pupil's speech and language development? And that 76% said pupils starting in 2020 needed more support than in previous years?
We can help!

We offer a range of packages for nurseries, preschools and schools targeting direct needs and offering flexibility of service. These range from one-off pupil  assessment through to whole school working for all pupils with SLCN.


We ca also offer regular intervention with our Speech and Language Therapy Practitioners as well as our long standing service of dedicated Speech and Language Therapists.


Charges are for contact time with pupils and staff so there are no hidden extras for reports and care plans helping you keep control of your budget. 


Bespoke packages allow you to benefit from:


  • Assessment reports and monitoring  

  • Direct therapy for groups / individuals  

  • Programmes of work and resources  

  • Staff training and professional development

  • Data tracking


One off assessment sessions cost from £125

Whole school working per hour costs from £75*

Training and Workshops costs from £75

*working out at as little as £28 an assessment

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